Blog – Ambitions & Roadblocks

I’d like to call this portion “Ambitions & Roadblocks.” My goal is to be real with you, not to be perfect. I have extremely high standards for myself and I struggle with thoughts of what I “should” be doing. As a recovering perfectionist, I have a hard time letting people in to see me and open myself to judgement. I know I shouldn’t care. Like me, or don’t, it’s fine! I certainly do not like everyone I meet, I should not expect everyone to like me either. If I am your cup of tea, great! Sit down and stay a while! Do you take cream and sugar? If I am off putting, thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! If you decide to stick around, I’d love to share with you here about my nature chronicles, what’s growing, fun on the farm, sustainability tips and tricks, homestead help and hacks, current projects on property, and whatever I’ve got cooking in my kitchen! I’ll also probably drag you into my crafts, costuming, and kid stuff too! Welcome, I hope to have fun with you at Freedom Farms!

Real moment of me post milking and garden harvest trying to juggle ALL THE THINGS!
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